A collaboration with Ecomarine 

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In the process of making custom shirts, we are often left with pieces of fabric at the end of a roll that are too small to use.

Normally these would go to waste, but in our new collaboration with local non-profit Ecomarine, we now use them to create beeswax food wraps.  Made by infusing organic beeswax into the cotton, these reusuable wraps can substitute plastic cling wrap.  Whether you use them to seal off some left overs or wrap a sandwich, you will be doing your part to reduce the enormous amounts of plastic waste that go into Hong Kong landfills. 


Ecomarine, a Lantau based non profit organization that aims to promote local marine and environmental awareness, is run by the founder Ms. Keilem Ng, a passionate environmental awareness advocate. In our video she speaks on the rising issues with plastic consumption here in Hong Kong and on a global scale. Keilem touches on the prolonged effects a plastic world will have on the planet and its inhabitants.

Together we hope our efforts inspire and contribute to a chain reaction of conscious lifestyle changes in Hong Kong and across the world. 


  • The wraps are currently for sale in our Central store and come in two sizes, large (35cm x 35cm) and medium (25cm x 25cm)
  • The fabrics used are thoroughly washed and  infused beeswax is FDA, food grade organic beeswax. 
  • Care instructions: Wash in cold water and mild soap. Avoid heat!
  • Lifespan is one year. If your wraps wears out, return to CUFFS to have it re-waxed.