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Give the gift of Style

Our custom shirt gift box is the perfect present- memorable, personalised and no stress over sizing. Inside is a set of custom-engraved steel collar stays (inserted into a shirt collar to give it stiffness) and a gift card to redeem a custom shirt at our shop.

For an extra special touch, we have an option to embroider an additional message on the back of the collar (not visible during normal wear).

One shirt voucher- HK$780- includes box, one collar stays with engraving, gift voucher to redeem a custom shirt (small number of fabrics may require extra charge)

Three shirt voucher- HK$2280- includes box, one set of collar stays with engraving, gift voucher to redeem THREE custom shirts (small number of fabrics may require extra charge)

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How to pre-order with engraved collar stays:

1) Place an order using our online form here, including the message you would like engraved on the collar stay

2) Pay via ATM or PayPal

3) Pick up the gift box from our shop (courier service also available) about 1 WEEK after payment

How to purchase straight away (with blank collar stays):

1) You can still purchase our gift box straight away, via our physical store

2) The only difference is the box will come with a blank collar stay, which can be customised afterwards

How to redeem:

1) Recipient brings the gift voucher to our shop to redeem a shirt (he will pick his own fabrics and design, then get measured by our staff).

2) Two weeks later the custom shirt is ready (the metal collar stays can be used in the shirt or just kept as a memento)

 Optional under collar “secret message”

Optional under collar “secret message”